April 16, 2017 Woodbury, TN

The rest of the story --- Shortly after we posted the following post on Facebook, Corey Davenport complained to Facebook that we said “Mike Gannon could have his butt for lunch” and Facebook removed the post. It is obvious that it is the intentions of Sheriff Darrell Young and the self appointed Mayor of Cannon County Corey Davenport plan to use Facebook to spread their lies and misinformation while complaining to Facebook every time something is posted that counters their distortion of the truth.  Will I hate to tell them, but the truth marches on. But the time this little story was written, nearly 10,000 people looked at this story. ---- And they continue to view it as well as other stories here on CannonCounty.net   ----- About corruption in Cannon County.

The Removed Story . . . . . . . .

It has been a busy day.  In less than 24 hours 6633 people have viewed the story of Sheriff Darrell Young using a patrol car to haul his wife Rachel around town and do shopping. The numbers are shocking.  I knew it was an important issue, I just didn’t realize that many people would be interested.

(Update)  -- By the time I could write this note – the total number of views increased to 6,838

I can only imagine that the fact that the sheriff attempted to hide the original story by having Facebook remove it under some mysterious pretense surly added to the number of views.

I did receive some comments about 15 (five from the same people) 3 supporting the personal use of the patrol vehicles, two from out of Cannon County both law officers defending the use.  I also had a few negative comments mostly attacking me and challenging my credibility because the story contained a typographical error or two.

I received 3 from Corey Davenport calling me and Mike Gannon ever name in the book, and one from John Wilkinson suggesting that I didn’t like law enforcement officers after I spent nearly 50 years in the business  --- ???  --- Whatever John.

For the record,  Mr. Davenport: Mike Gannon is a big boy and can have your uneducated butt for lunch anytime he wants. I am not his spokes person, nor does he have any control over what I have to say. Don’t flatter yourself thinking you are something special. I have an interest in Gannon’s situation and your behavior because it is the same game plan you used on me when you couldn’t deal with me being elected. You and John are in my sights, but your lying, manipulating, slanderous narcissistic behavior put you there.

As to the sheriff  --- I have a reputation of bringing down bad cops. I been fighting them for years. As to large number of view on this post about the personal use of the sheriff’s vehicle, both the sheriff and the budget committee really needs to pay attention to how many people are interested in the mess.

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Nearly 10,000 people read the story about the Cannon County Sheriff improperly using his patrol vehicle ......  CLICK HERE TO READ

Part 1: Law and Disorder in Cannon County TN

You Can Run - BUT - You Can’t Hide Follow the Law & Disorder Series

The newly elected chairman of the Cannon County Republican Party has been illegally appointed to the Cannon County Industrial Board.  During another interruption of the Cannon County Commission meeting, Corey Davenport challenged the appointment of a county commissioner on to the Industrial Board in place of his preference which was David Faulkner.

Faulkner had been recommended by Randal Reid who was leaving the board. Gannon claimed to be looking for a more qualified individual than Faulkner. Davenport claimed that Faulkner was more than qualified plus Faulkner had been not only recommend by Reid, but the entire IDB. Davenport also stated that if Gannon was denying Faulkner to be on the board that it was for personal reasons.

I would think that if anybody had personal reasons to "not accept" the recommendations of Randal Reid to appoint David Faulkner to anything, it would be Mike Gannon. Randall Reid was David Faulkner’s campaign manager when Faulkner ran against Mike Gannon for the position of County Executive. Randal Reid was also instrumental in unsuccessfully suing Mike Gannon while Reid was part of the Industrial Board. If you just look at the current members of the IDB and their attitude toward the County Executive, it would be easy to label the group as a "Mike Gannon Hate Group".

Davenport seemed bewildered at the mention of member John Wilkinson not being qualified to be a member of the board.  When Gannon stated that a board member was not a taxpayer, Davenport said, "I don't understand what you are saying". Then he then asked, "Are you talking about John?" and followed with, "He lives in Cannon county and owns his own farm." It is interesting on two levels. One is Davenport always claims to know the law or at least that part of the law that suits his needs.  Remember, he just argued that “No County Employees are allowed on the board. But he claims to not understand what Mike is talking about when  just two sentences about in the same law about county  employees it states that members have to be a  duly qualified elector and taxpayer of the county. The  He immediately acknowledges, “Are you talking about John?” Although he would defend Wilkinson, John Wilkinson is not a property owner in Cannon County and not a taxpayer in Cannon County and by the definition of the law, not qualified to be a member of the Industrial Board.

The farm on which John and his wife Andrea Vickers Wilkinson live is actually owned by Harold (HL Jinx) Wilkinson his wife Ann. Jinx and his wife list their residence as the old Hal and Lois Latimer home at 110 College Street.

This is not the only abuse of the Industrial Board. I have written before that Industrial Board Member Gayle Morgan (wife of the Paul Morgan filing complaints against Mike Gannon)  is in conflict of interest because when Corey became chairman, they moved the meeting place to the Morgan’s new business.  

 John Wilkinson has also found a way to capitalize on his membership. He posted a photo and note from a free training session offered to board members in Chattanooga. On August 24, 2016 he wrote, "Great couple of days in Chattanooga representing the Cannon County Industrial Development Board at an Economic Development Conference." The photo clearly reflects that he was pushing his personal business which is Inspect-It Home Inspection.

The Industrial Board, through it’s organization is almost beyond control of the county commission. It is time for a change.  With so many disruptive and dishonest people on the board it is time to dissolve it.    In the meanwhile, make them follow the law and begin by firing John Wilkinson.

Republican Chair Illegally Appointed to Industrial Board READ THE UPDATE HERE

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